Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Care Bracelets for Bushfire survivors

I am totally behind this initiative of the lovely ladies at Beads on Kelly Street.

If you are able to make and donate a 3 round memory wire bracelet, you can send it to either BOK or you can send them to me and I will pass them on. I am going to get this idea going at Craftworks so I will have a parcel or 2 (or50) to send on anyway.

I know all you avid beaders out there have memory wire and you have spare beads, lets get making for these women that have lost everything. We know as women that pretty things for ourselves will always come after you have taken care of your loved ones. These ladies and girls will be rebuilding their lives and families needs before replacing jewellery for themselves. Let help give them a little smile.

" We want as many Beaders to start making Care Bracelets for the hundreds of women who have lost everything - we all have heaps of beads and memory wire - just make 3 turn bracelets - everyone can make these - there are easy and each one turns out differently. Mail them into BOKS we will wrap them, we will add a little card from who made it. When we have heaps we will forward them on to the affected areas. (We have spoken to our customers in the area and I am sure they will help with handing them out and if there is any ladies who live in the area who are on this forum please contact us). Lets make some pretties for these poor women. "

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