Sunday, November 22, 2009

DQ 18 ~ Kay's Artycles

Mine was a collaboration... hope that isnt against the rules too much

I was staring at the beads on friday and they were not talking to me at all. My 7yo Asleigh asked
"Mum, what are you doing?"
"This is the DQ darling and I have no idea what I am going to make" I replied.
"I have something in my mind but I dont know if it would work" she said.
"Well, why dont you draw what you have in your mind for me and we will see what we can do"

So she sketched the drawing in the photo, she added
"I don't know how to draw it chunky"

so I used her sketch as inspiration and we threaded some beads together. Then once I finished it off I showed her.

"MUMMY!" she gasped "that is EXACTLY what I had in my mind!"

So here is Pearl Partners... a work by nellie and ashie.

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