Monday, August 27, 2007


The ladies at craftworks were making these gorgeous bookmarks.... well I couldnt help myself and went off to get some tassles this afternoon. I love these!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Jacqui's Wedding!

Here is the happy couple with their speech. You can see her BEAUTIFUL dress and the jewellery. The pearl necklace she is wearing was her Nonna's. I made her bracelet, earrings and haircombs.

Here are more piccies of the wedding with the jewells in action!

Next photo is John, Jacqui and Me
Can't believe my lippy was still on, this was near the end of the night
Next is me doing a reading as part of the ceremony and Jaqui and Gary in the background I tried to explain that John that a "FULL SHOT" needs to include shoes!!! So here are my shoes I wore :) The wedding was so much fun.

Here is the pic of her jewells and these were mine

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Year of the Jewellery - INTERACTIVE

Every week the forum has a different theme for their Year of the Jewellery competition.

I have made this entry for the theme INTERACTIVE. The idea is that you put whatever words you like on the neckring. I had lots of fun with different combos.

So this is just a bit of fun (of course I was procrastinating again..... should have been getting ready for classes tomorrow and hanging out the washing!!)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Beading Challenge - "chocolate, coffee and cream... on the forest floor"

Ok, here goes nothing. After being very stuck for ideas this morning I have created this one for chocolate, coffee and cream............on the forest floor, the new beading challenge.

It is a bracelet and is designed to relflect the colours of lichen, moss and leaf litter with the swirls of creamy coffee and chocolate mixed in. Like the forest floor you will find a bit of everything scattered in amongst the leaves. There are vintage beads, czech glass, MOP, autumn jasper, glass pearls, acrylic, spectral, moss agate and much more.

VERY happy with this one!

That blue and copper wire pendant

Has now become this wonderful piece.

I just love the forum!!!! This was in the lot of wired pendants I made. I put a picture of them up in the forum and I was pondering in that post what else to do with the coiling gizmo.....Well Patricia (Pats Creations - mightycat) told me how to do these little coiled beaded beads. THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!!! and this is what I did with the pendant, with my 2 extra beaded beads on some wire added to some rubber cord and then the spiral ends made with the coiler and a clasp!!!!! They coiled beads are now referred to as Mightycat Coils LOL

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Some wiring about

I have whipped up some wire pendants to show the class this week. They are just designed to show you that playing with wire makes your possibilities endless. You are only limited by your imagination and the amount of wire you have.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Commission For Cheryll

A lovely friend of Mum's visits me at the Lawson Markets and last week asked me to make something for her with some beads she had chosen.

This is the final creation. I hope you like it Cheryll.

Charity Auction

I am going to design a piece for a Charity auction that will be run by the lovely Rebecca of The Stranded Bead in Albury.

I have created these darling little napkin holders after being inspired by a project in a South African Beading magazine. There are 8 all together and I am going to put them with some pink napkins. They are representative of the pink Breast Cancer support Ribbon.

I will still make another piece for the auction and once I know some more details I will let you all know here as well.

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