Thursday, November 27, 2008

Exciting News

Ok, where do I start. I have been offered the chance to have a luxury gift, something I have always wanted but would not ordinarily buy because of all those other practical things in life.

Well, I have made my decision and I have now ordered my own LAMPWORKING kit.

For those of you who don't know, lampworking is a form art using a flame to shape glass. I will be making my own Artisan lampworked beads!!! Ohhhh I am an Artisan!!!!!

I will post pictures and information on my progress for you to share my excitement with me (if you aren't as excited as I am..... you can pretend :) )


I have now completed a series of workshops at the neighbourhood centre. Sure it was a paid gig, but it was the most rewarding experience I have had teaching jewellery making so far.

We had a huge group sometimes up to 20 ladies. They were a juggle as they all tended to arrive at different times but we managed. We created a few basic projects and some of them were quick at completing everything and some of them were very hard to encourage. In the end though I hope they all walked out proud of themselves and with some lovely new pieces of jewellery that the made THEMSELVES! I was very proud of them all, I know that much.

It was 3 x 2hr sessions over 3 weeks. Week 1 we made memory wire bracelets and drop earrings. Week 2 we made a strung necklace and tigertail earrings. Week 3 we made a foil bead choker and a book thong ~ and many many simple christmas decorations.

These ladies all inspired me to persue the teaching aspect of my craft and I just hope in a little way that I inspired them all into becoming little beadie monsters muahahahahahaha!!!!

So everyone, I am a tutor for hire :)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A knitted necklace

This necklace was made on a french knitter (a knitting nancy). It looks amazing in the reds. It has gone to a new home today. Enjoy Judy :)

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