Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chain Maille Bracelets

Sorry for taking so long to put up a new post! I have DQ 13 pictures to come at the end of march, and the ladies at craft have okayed me to take some pictures of their pieces to put on here as well..... so there will be more new soon.

BUT, for the latest obsession now..... Chain Maille.

I apo0logise for the appaling pictures, I have had to resort to scanning because, for some reason, the camera didnt like being dropped :(.... so now I need a new camera :(

I dont know if there is a name for this weave, but it is the rosette weave I am teaching the ladies and I have created 2 lengths of "chain" and joined them with 2 rings into each rosette. The clasp is a paua shell 2 strand clasp from Felicity at Vine Creative .

This one is a Euro 4 in 1 weave... just what they make chainmaille armour from. Certainly doubt I will attempt that whole suit after this effort though. A 3 strand gemstone clasp again from Felicity.

All of the rings are 20g 6mm OD silver plate from FMG.
Except the 4mm rings I have used to attach the clasps.

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