Saturday, October 18, 2008

Display photos

I completely forgot to take a photo once I had set up my display at the Art Fair. I had to take some quick ones during the Gala opening with people glaring at me :D

So here we have my simple display. Gosh, it really doesnt look like many items, there are 70 pieces here though. There was lots of jewellery ~ all a different style to mine though ~ but the ladies displaying other jewellery had mad masses of stock. There were dozens of busts and they all had 3 necklaces displayed on them. They looked fabulous, but was very confusing to the eye as a punter.

Well, fingers are crossed. I go and pick up my unsold stock tomorrow afternoon after my market stall....... lets hope there is nothing to collect :)

AN UPDATE: - well, I sold a grand total of 4 items. I think there is merit in being with your product to sell it successfully. Next time I will spend some time at the stand I think.

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