Friday, April 03, 2009

Woven wire bracelet

I have been meaning to attempt this project for ages. Since I have plenty of more important things to procrastinate over, I became inspired by Joyce's beautiful bracelet on the beading forum.

Out came the book I got from Chanel and the 22 guage wire I was also given by Chanel (who, by the way, has a profile in the current issue of Beads etc...) and this is the result. I am really pleased and think it will be a keeper.


Anonymous said...

Wow Nellie, that is gorgeous!!!

Julz said...

Yummo Nellie...I would keep it too!!!

Maryanne said...

YUMMY bracelet Nellie .... I made one ages ago with copper wire, I really enjoyed it too ... mmmm I think I need to ditch the seeds for a while and get back into some wirework!!!! LOL :)

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