Saturday, January 31, 2009

A watch for ME!

I have not had a new watch in a long time. bought a couple of cheapies and have also been known to wear my daughters barbie watch.

It is my birthday in a couple of weeks and DH asked what I wanted. I was about to say a really nice watch.... then DOH.... lightbulb moment! I could make me one of those!!!

Ordinarily I hate making watches.. clasps are an issue, getting the weight balance right, the sizing... such a pain in the patootie really. But this one has worked out quite nicely.I dont know who's lovely lampies they are. I got them in a heap of beads I got from desi about 18 months ago but I dont think she made them.... maybe she did? If anyone recognises them I would love to know anyhoos, they are beautiful and I have been saving them for something to make for myself all this time.

Sorry the photo is a bit bright. I was trying to bring out the colours in the lampies. They are purple, navy, lavender and iris gold ish. The swaros are amythest and light saphire and the pearls are bronze. I have used boho gold findings mixed with copper which seemed to work really well.

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