Saturday, May 24, 2008

More Maille and a new camera (YAY)

Finally, we can dispense with the scans, the video camera captures and relying on other peoples photos. There is a new camera in da house! It has an awesome super macro feature too.... just perfect for jewellery. The lady at the shop did look at us strangely when we started testing photos of her computer keyboard keys. Anyway.... enough of that.... I certainly need to learn how to use it to the functions to get optimal visual pleasure but I will just have to play :)

On to the chain maille.

The bracelets in a clockwise direction are:

A parrallel helm weave using plated rings in silver and gold colour. This is beautiful and a bit blingy. It looks quite stunning with the 2 colours.

Floral lampwork beads (chinese mass produced, but pretty all the same) with flower chain links.

Lampwork beads (not sure who made these but they are from an Aussie Artisan) with Czech glass and flower links.... this one hasnt worked so well. The "links" with the beads are too long and sits a bit rigidly. This one needs re-designing.

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