Monday, November 05, 2007

More Holiday beading

Well, as you may have expected, I took A LOT of beading supplies away with me during the holidays. While we were in Brisbane at John and Dale's place Maddie showed me a gorgeous lizard she had made in Bead Club at school. She let me take a copy of the instructions and the to little guys below were born once I got down to New Brighton! Thankyou Maddie, they were great fun to make. Uncle Johns Mum was making one too by the end of the week...... (you gave me an excuse to buy more beads too)

Yes they are made from seed beads, allbeit large seedies, but seedies all the same. Hope you are all proud of me. Most of you know how much I LOVE seedies LOL.
These are a few bracelets I whipped up during that week as well.
Sorry for the very dodgy photo, my light box was full of stuff the day I took my photos.

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