Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I will Start teaching this term at Craftworx. A 6 week term with lots of excited students. These are the samples of each project we are going to do this term.
Week 1
Beaded necklace project
Focussing on stringing techniques and finishing off with clasps

Lets talk about
Beads Beads and more beads…. Learn about different types of beads

Week 2
Wrap Bracelet and matching earrings project
Focussing on wire loops and a simple yet impressive bracelet design

Lets talk about
Findings….. Learn what all those little bits and pieces are for.
Stringing…. different stringing materials and appropriate uses

Week 3
Wire wrapped bangle and a simple pendant project
Focussing on wire and manipulation – bit of freeform fun!

Lets talk about
Wire….. What is gauge? What should I use? Learn all about wire

Week 4
Wrapped loop bookmark or key ring project
Focussing on wrapped loops and more wrapped loops – making charms

Lets talk about
Different beading techniques and mediums.

Week 5
3 strand illusion bracelet project
Focussing on crimping and finishing of multi-strand items

Week 6
Ask me how.
Bring in a project you would like some help to start or any repairs you might like to learn how to do. Use this session to brainstorm, finish projects and ask me any questions.

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